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Anyone that has ever hired engineering professionals is well aware of how challenging it can be. Whether you are hiring an electrical engineer or a software engineer, finding potential candidates for the job that meet your criteria is not easy. Simplify the search by using’s free service to find a firm that is experienced in hiring the exact type of engineer you need. Not only is this service free, it is also fast – usually, we can pair you up with a top engineering recruiting firm in one business day or less.

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What makes our service especially unique is that we incorporate your specific information, including where you are and what type of job you are looking to fill. This information is kept 100% confidential. values your privacy. We only provide your information to the firm that most closely matches your specifications.

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We take into account the information you provide to us, as well as other internal data we have on each firm, such as ratings and reviews. We use one of the most extensive databases of engineering recruiting firms in the world. Once we locate firms that work in your area, we narrow the field by examining industry, firm performance, and feedback from other clients. The end result is a engineering recruiting firm that not only meets all your needs, but also has a proven record of delivering stellar results.

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